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Submitted on
December 3, 2012
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I'll Be Home For Christmas

Hello, mother, hello, father
And hi to all my little brothers
I said I'd be back home this year
To share in all your Christmas cheer

I left the city two days back
To ride down on your dusty track
I said I'd come home to the farm
And share in all the Christmas charm

I must have got lost on my way
I should have arrived home today
I promise you, it's worth the wait
I'll spring in soon, in a cheerful gait

It's half past ten, I'll be here soon
I know I said I'd bee here noon
I'm sorry hours have ticked on by
I'll hurry home, at least, I'll try

Hello mother, hello father
And hi to all my little brothers
The death notice there you see
I'm sorry, that just might be me
Wow, I'm getting all dark and brooding again, apparently. Cool.

So, uh, yeah. This goes out to every person, every son and daughter, friend and relative who has died on their way to visit family for the holiday season. Please, make sure you drive safely this year, and if you're in the winter-y parts of the world, take care driving in the snow and fog. If you're in the southern hemisphere, and you drive to family, make sure you take care, dry gravel is no safer than wet gravel if you're not driving carefully. Just because it's sunny, doesn't mean you can relax your attention. Australians, watch out for kangaroos, please. All of us know how many accidents are caused by them.

Be safe these holidays. Wear your seatbelts. Be mindful of road conditions, and take breaks from driving. I nearly lost my life earlier this year due to not being fully attentive, and being over tired. It's not just a scare tactic.

Peace and love xx
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Kangaroos? Wow. Everywhere else you gotta look out for deer.
It's pretty much a given that if you're driving longer than two hours, you're gonna hit one, over here on the country roads.
Oh dear. See! Everything in Australia will KILL YOU!
Y'all's crazy, livin' there.
We grew up here so it doesn't seem so bad. We're aware of the dangers, we tend to avoid them.

But kangaroos are pretty harmless of you hit one, unless it's a big motherfucker, or you're in a tiny car. My boss just came back from Perth, towing a caravan, hit one, and his wife didn't even wake up from her nap. It's usually the reaction that kills people (Swerving and stuff. Swerving is a bad idea at 120km/h)
I see.
Well, deer suck, breakin' windows 'n' shit.
You have deer there, don't you?
Where I live, there's like two. It's rare to see one in my area. It's like a huge deal.
I'm not gonna say we see 'em all the time here, but you can't drive through the forest without seein' at least one eatin' someone's yard.
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